Red Tent Gathering Canberra

 21 May
 Goddess Temple Weston
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 Red Tent : Canberra
Greetings Women May Gathering The Red Tent or Moonlodge was a place where women came together. Traditionally the women came into the tent or Lodge when they began to bleed or on their "Moontime". They withdrew from their "usual life" to be together in sacred space to honour this time. It was a time of rest, rejuvenation but more importantly to connect within and with the sisters of the tribe. It was here that stories were shared about Birth, Self Care and the younger children and young girls grew up with this knowing, embedded in their bodies and pysche, It became their culture. Women who didn't bleed attended the women inside cooking for them and taking the children when was needed. The men of the tribe honoured the feminine and the power of this time and the women because when the women returned from the lodge they had dreamed dreams and intuitively gained insights for the well being of the tribe. In our culture today ,we have lost this sacred and divine connections with our sisters and with ourselves. I believe we miss this deeply and so desire to be with each other, share and commune with SELF, Other Beautiful Women and the Divine. I invite you into our Red Tent here in Canberra. Lets us come together in Sacred Space, to BE together. Share our stories, our Longings Our Connection and Love as Women. Come out of the Mind and find your Rest, your Succulence in your Body. Here within lies your Wisdom, Your Knowing and your way back Home. To Book: Direct Debit $40 Account: 27024 BSB: 704-189 Name: Wendy E Phillis Details: Your Name and RED TENT Bookings Essential After you have made your booking please send me a email and your Welcome Details for Evening will be sent to you. I am so looking forward to being with you . Much Love- I am so looking forward to sharing this space with you all Wendy

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