Red Shoes Elina Chauvet Preston

 13 June
 Preston, United Kingdom
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 Georgianna C Ainsworth
Zapatos Rojos is a public art installation, this is the creation of visual artist Elina Chauvet, it is dedicated to the women who have suffered gender violence. It is a call for conscience and solidarity before a growing violence situation and concern for women, girls and teenagers who are still disappearing and are being murdered before the indifferent eyes of the authorities. This piece has its roots in Cuidad Juarez, Chihuahua Mexico. The 20th of August 2009 as a march of 33 murdered or missing women made visible by the Red Shoes, and which will be joined by people from other countries until its return to its point of origin as a great march of solidarity and respect with women and new generations. (Mexico, Argentina, Italy, Spain, Norway, Brazil, United States, United Kingdom).

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