Red Bull Air Race 2015 - Japan

 16 May
 Chiba, Chiba
 松戸市 - - Chiba-shi - Japan
 Shogunmaster Photography
The new Red Bull Air Race World Championship season in 2015 will feature eight stops spanning the globe that includes five of the most popular locations from the riveting 2014 season, organizers of the world’s fastest motorsport series announced on November 26 in Chiba, Japan... will include first-ever races in Japan, with a stop in Chiba on May 16/17. The Red Bull Air Race World Championship sees the world’s best pilots put to the test in a pure motorsport competition, combining speed, precision and skill. The pilots use the fastest, most agile and lightweight racing planes to navigate a predefined, low-level aerial racetrack of air-filled pylons (Air Gates) with the aim of finishing in the fastest time possible, incurring as few penalties as possible. Ticketing for the 2015 season will start on November 28. All information on

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