24 May
 2931 Ilene Terrace, Victoria, BC
  - - -
 James DeGreef
Just under two weeks until you can get your free food and beverage at the REBELS AGM on SUNDAY, MAY 24, 2015. Peruse the catalogues for Rebels Wear options. It's a 4:30 start time - Barbeque, bocce, socializing (and a brief meeting). Official notices were emailed by captains last week, but details and agenda are posted below: The Club is hosting a barbeque social to coincide with the AGM – family & significant others are welcome to join us for the non-meeting part of the day. Bring a swimsuit if you want to soak in the hot tub. Date: Sunday, May 24, 2015 Time: 4:30 for bocce. barbeque & socializing – meeting will begin at 5:00 Location: 2931 Ilene Terrace, Victoria, BC (Sharon White’s home – Phone 250-598-4460) Agenda 1. Approval of the Agenda 2. Approval of the Minutes of the May 24, 2014 Annual General Meeting 3. Business arising 4. President's Report 5. Treasurer's Report 6. Equipment Manager's Report including Rebel Wear Options (jackets, shirts, tuques, ball caps....) – come view the catalogues and give your feedback! 7. Social Director's Report 8. Men's Captain Report 9. Ladies' Captain Report 10. Election of Officers 11. Other Business a) Summer Drop In 12. Adjournment

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