Realizing Your Potent Self™ with Sound Practitioner, Andrew Marshall

 16 May
 Inner Elements Yoga
 1847 E Burnside St, Suite 102 - 97214 - Portland - United States
 The Tolomei Method
5/16/2015: Realizing Your Potent Self™ with special guest, Andrew Marshall. Andrew is a Brazilian Jiu Jitsu Professor, Sound Healer, and Yoga practitioner who will bring a profound offering of Sound Healing to our Chakra Cleansing/Deprogramming Sequence. If this is your first Realizing Your Potent Self™ Workshop or Sound Bathing, you are in for a divine treat! Event Space is limited. CLASS DESCRIPTION: “Your Natural State is Joy” ~ Wayne Dwyer If you are wondering why your life seems resistant to your maintaining a joyful state, it is, in part, old familial influences and self-limiting belief systems that have accumulated over time from an insubstantial knowledge base. Also, energetic ‘bumps and bruises’ from our human experience that leave an imprint in our energetic make-up that unconsciously and often negatively influences the way we live our lives. “Realizing Your Potent Self™” will raise your awareness of your personal information and energetic system. You will learn the tools to remove blockages, ‘clean your own internal hard drive’ and make room for conscious thought process, creativity, and manifestation! A five hour workshop that will change the way you live and how you navigate your life! Tuition $300 Payment plans available. To bring this training to your location and take the course for FREE, please call or email The Tolomei Method™ office for details! 503-890-9977

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