Reading the Akashic Record

 14 June
 Moonstone, 2b Greenbridge Lane, Greenfield, Oldham. OL3 7JR United Kingdom.
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 The Crystal Bible by Judy Hall
Workshop Two of Two The Akashic Record is a connection in to what we can call the wisdom of the cosmic mind or the cosmic memory field. In this workshop, we learn how to access the Akashic Record for ourselves and access them on behalf of other people. In the Records, we can look at our soul purpose, to know why we are here and the contracts we have with the people we meet. We can see both what we have been (our previous lives) and what we might be - our potential futures depending on what choices we make. We can also look at our behaviour patterns and relationships, and see how to create action in our lives instead of inaction. If you book on one, (or both), of the following workshops, you will receive: • FREE ENTRY to our Friday evening Psychic Protection talk with Judy Hall. • COMPLIMENTARY GLASS OF WINE AND CANAPÉS when you attend Judy''s talk on Friday evening. • FREE GIFT - All attendees will receive a Psychic Protection gift bag. Judy will also sign copies of her £99 - Full payment in advance. Your ticket includes mid-morning and mid-afternoon refreshments. Please remember to bring some lunch with you.

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