Re: Position

 19 May
 190a Rathmines Road Lower - - Dublin - Ireland
 Róisín Ní Mhaonaigh
Re: Position a group show by students of sculpture and expanded practice from 3rd year in NCAD. Many in this group have worked together before to put on exhibitions such as 'Studio' and 'We'll come up with {some} thing.' The centre of these exhibitions was a shared starting point , a single word that would be loosely taken in as many directions as there were artists. Now there is no word, no shared starting point except perhaps the word "GO!" A group that has always been made up of a diverse set of practices now cut the last semblances of a brief to do a show of entirely self-directed work. What direction do you take when you can go anywhere you can go? Where do you end up? Are you ever really that far away from where you started? Re: Position collects the positions in which it now finds each artist and realizes them together in a group show Perhaps there will be discreet paths and connections between these positions forged by this groups history together and influence on each other or perhaps it'll be a room full of random work.

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