Re-Occupy Wall Street June 1st 2015

 01 June
 Zuccotti Park
 Broadway & Liberty Street - 10286 - New York - United States
 Daniel Damascus Kimery This will be The 2 Year Anniversary of Re-Occupy Wall Street June 1st 2013 (an event that had over 5,500 people show up). We are going to Re-Occupy Wall Street this Summer and this time we are going to get it right. This is going to be a Peaceful Protest designed to speak truth to power and wake people up. Everyone is welcome regardless of your skin color, your gender, your sexual preference, your religious beliefs, or political affiliation. We are all uniting as one to Protest Corporate Greed over Human Need and Wall Street International Globalist Banksters that are robbing us blind via Quantitative Easing and Tax Payer Dollars going to Banker Bailouts. WE ARE THE 99% AND WE ARE TOO BIG TO FAIL!!!!!!! Recently a host 1 of over 20 (Joshua Michael Bend) of the new June 1st event that had almost 1,000 Going and over 22k invites got drunk and thought it would be funny to cancel the event so now we are starting over from scratch and Daniel will be the sole host to prevent this from happening again. We do not forgive and we do not forget #Saboteurs. Expect us!!! Please send invites to everyone on your friends list and share it everywhere. Let's let those Banksters on Wall Street know that we are not done with them yet.

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