Raw Challenge Barrington Tops

 23 May
 Riverwood Downs Mountain Valley Resort
 311 Upper Monkerai Road - 2415 - Monkerai - Australia
 Obstacle Racers Australia
OBSTACLE RACERS DOES NOT HAVE EXCLUSIVITY OVER ANY WAVE AT ANY RACE, BUT WE ALWAYS RECOMMEND SIGNING UP FOR THE 10AM WAVE SO YOU CAN MAXIMISE YOUR CHANCES OF FINDING A FELLOW OBSTACLE RACER TO RUN WITH. EVEN IF YOU'RE NOT LONE WOLFING IT AND HEADING ALONG TO A RACE WITH A GROUP, WHY NOT COME BE A GROUP WITHIN OUR GROUP? WE ARE EVER SO FRIENDLY AND MAY HAVE COOKIES TO SHARE (BUT PROBABLY NOT). A great way to challenge you and your friends while having fun and getting dirty. Set to test not only your physical but mental limits, and let you feel that rush of achievement. Discover your limits with a range of courses and a whole lot of outrageous obstacles. Dress up, dress down, discover a camaraderie with your team and enjoy a whole new experience. http://obstacleracers.com.au/rawchallenge.htm

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