Raw Beauty in the Waterfalls Meetup!

 17 May
 2143 Hall Rd. Westfield, NC
  - - -
 Sarah Robertson
Spring is already upon us and we are already feeling the heat in some places so why not embrace it and do something crazy outside? That's why I'm inviting you to come join us on May 17th to the Raw Beauty in the Waterfalls Meetup! It will be on May 17th starting at 10:30am. The location is at Hanging Rock State Park, the exact address is 1790 Hanging Rock Park Rd Danbury, NC 27016. We will be shooting at an actual waterfall, yes. This will be totally kickass. I want to see raw natural beauty here. I want to see art! Models, if you are modeling for this event, please click going and message me telling me that you are coming then I will give you instructions for what to do next. If you seem sketchy at all to me, like not answering messages at all and more then you will not be coming to this meetup. I already have a couple models committed to coming, they are: Ashley Clayton, Tory Ross, Aoife Svelk, Sade Carter, and of course me, Sarah Robertson. What to wear? Now here is where I want you to be creative, sure you can wear a bikini if you have nothing else but if you can, be more creative! Get an one piece and add something to it! I want you to be real creative for this!! Got a certain look you're going for? Share it with us, we are dying to know. Remember everyone, it will be May so bring sunscreen and bug spray! Every photographer attending this shoot out must produce at least 3 finished shots of every model they work with. If you so choose not to produce this finished work in a somewhat timely manner, you will not be permitted to attend another shoot out hosted by me, Sarah Robertson. This is not to be taken as demanding but taken as a goal. Too many photographers take tons of photos and do not produce more than 5 images from the entire shoot out. Also, you are responsible for your own releases. They are not mandatory though. This is a free meetup, no fees or anything. So come by and have some fun! Be sure to invite your friends as well! This will be fun like it always is! Hope to see you all there!

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