r.ariel (Phoenix) /// Femme Accident /// Ghost Vines

 17 May
 Le Cagibi
 5490 boul St. Laurent - H2T 1S1 - Montreal - Canada
 Jess Roze
R.ariel released two albums in 2014, 'Life is Accepting You,' and 'Histories.' She was picked as best new artist of the year by Brian Eno and Thris Tian for Noise Fest in the UK. Brian Eno said this about her album Histories, "This sounds like what nostalgia feels like. Or a memory. This piece has an illusive serenity to it which fills the room." She was mentioned in Sargents House playlist as music they are listening to now in March of 2015. She toured for 3 months in the USA with Thanksgiving (Marriage Records, K records) in 2014 and is now on the longest tour she has ever attempted to complete, a 4 month solo tour in the USA/Canada. She normally works with a drummer but for this tour she will be using a drum machine. She toured France and Spain in 2012 going by Rachel Crocker and has been involved in numerous bands in the USA. She is now finished with her new LP "Changer," and is recording an EP as she tours with various musicians across the USA and Canada. https://soundcloud.com/rachelarielcrocker https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=RvAVgeUVXx4 http://rariel.bandcamp.com/releases Femme Accident https://femmeaccident.bandcamp.com/ Ghost Vines (Matt Lee (Devil Eyes and Leamers), Jess Roze (Télégraphe Jungle), Dave Kunstatter (Auks) ) Doors 8pm $6

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