Rally for the Safety of Kathleen Kids

 01 June
  - - -
 Brian White
There is not currently a protest or rally planned. We already had it. I changed the date to keep this page alive for future possible events. We may need to take further steps, so we will plan something else here when necessary. Already, the residents have seen a 4 year old pulled out from under a truck, thankfully, with only a broken leg. The infamous Kathleen Ave. "Wall" was cut down to allow traffic to flow through what was once a dead end. This was in response to the excessive construction on Wellington and East Streets. Children accustomed to playing in the area are now in danger, as traffic often fails to stop at the stop signs. The stop signs are flanked by dumpsters, prohibiting a safe view. Residents are angry and scared, and feel their voice is not being heard. In an effort to prevent deaths, we need to raise the profile of this situation. As the residents have felt ignored, we are here in solidarity to ensure the safety of all of our children is the top priority for any project, municipal construction or otherwise. Whatever end of town you live on, please come out and support the safety of our city's children.

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