Raising the Bar

 02 June
 50 Bars 50 Talks 1 Night
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 Raising the Bar Event
Raising the Bar Event -- JUNE 2, 2015 -- NYC We are citizens of New York City. We are aspiring actors, doctors, economists, writers, and bankers. Although we're all different, we share a passion for constant innovation and change. We want to always be learning. We want to constantly be inspired, inside and outside of the classroom. That's why we decided to bring the city's brightest minds to the last place you would expect them: in your neighborhood bar. So grab a beer and come learn how to build a spaceship. We have 50 talks for you to choose from - all by incredible professors from Columbia and New York Universities. It is a hard decision to make - but one worthwhile. **Free tickets tend to run out fast. - release date May 5 All you need to do is: 1 Go to our website: rtbevent.com 2 Choose a talk 3 RSVP for FREE 4 Invite your friends - not mandatory but recommended :) 5 Come, have a drink and raise the bar of the conversation!

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