RAINCHECK!!! Date CHANGED to 7th JUNE Outdoor Art Fair @ Masai Camp, Arusha

 07 June
 Masai Camp
 arusha - - Arusha - Tanzania
 Anna Bussey
The Art Fair is an outdoor monthly gathering in the Gardens of Masai Camp. The whole of Arusha and surrounding community will come to support and develop local artists and artisans of all types. Come and experience a new type of fair, celebrating the creative artists including: Art, music, performance, visuals, fashion design, culinary, natural medicines, healing, farming-produce - any type of life-arts. The day will include: An art market, live entertainment, food and drink for sale. Come and spend your Sunday, have a picnic, enjoy the performers and appreciate the wonderful creative world of Arusha! Entry fee: 1,000/per person. All entry fees will go towards the development of an arts fund to support and develop local artists in their craft. For more information or to exhibit please contact: artfair.masaicamp@gmail.com Phone number 0767-456 082

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