Radical Hope: where next? A West Midlands Politics of Networks event

 21 May
 Priory Conference Rooms Birmingham
 62 VINCENT STREET - - Birmingham - United Kingdom
 Tom Pratt
Whatever the outcome of the General Election, politics needs to be transformed to go beyond fear and tribalism over small differences. It needs to be transformed to address growing inequality and climate change. The ballot paper needs to be made big enough to fit our dreams. On 21 May, hot on the heels of the election, we’ll be gathering in Birmingham to reflect, discuss, dream and plan what we do next. The scene will be set by Compass Management Committee Chair, Ruth Lister, in conversation with West Midlands writer and activist, Yasmin Ali, with opportunity then for you to discuss with others, themes and ideas both to shape what Compass does nationally in the vital months to come and what we should do in the West Midlands. As the old politics begins to crumble the possibility for a radical politics of hope emerges. Let’s seize the opportunities offered by the General Election and our tired and out of date political system. Let's start creating real democracy. This is a free event but to help with planning for the evening, booking is required at: https://eventbrite.co.uk/event/16742816214/ http://www.parliament.uk/biographies/lords/baroness-lister-of-burtersett/4234 http://aliyasmin.wix.com/yasmin-ali This is a West Midlands Politics of Networks event. These events are providing space and opportunity for people to: Come together on the basis of shared values and concerns, reaching out beyond narrow political and organisational labels; Engage in ideas and Big Politics; Participate in and develop active campaigning; Do politics differently with emphasis on focusing on what we can agree on; and Be curious about different views while acting with care, compassion and respect for all. West Midlands Politics of Networks events are currently organised jointly by Compass and Equality West Midlands and it is very much hoped other groups will become involved. The approach is at an early stage and it is up to those who come along to determine and shape its development.

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