Race The Divide with #teambrendanm

 12 June
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Race The Divide with #teambrendanm Calling all supporters of #teambrendanm! Are you ready to join in on the adventure of a lifetime? Are you keen to be part of a quest for self discovery, an investigation into where life can take you if you dare to push yourself? Are you super-willing to support a deserving local family currently doing it tough? If you answered ‘yes’ to these three questions, you need to get onboard ‘Race The Divide with #teambrendanm’! We all know that Brendan is a sporty bloke, and he’s a bit of a machine on the bike, so when one of his mates offered to fundraise for #teambrendanm by doing one of the worlds toughest mountain bike rides we just couldn’t wait to tell him to ‘go for it!’. Local mountain biking nutter Mick Eyb is travelling to Banff, Canada in June where he’ll join other like-minded cycling masochists to participate in the Tour Divide. It’s an underground race, based on the Great Divide Mountain Biking Route. Starting in Canada, the route travels down the spine of the Continental Divide which runs down the centre of the US continent. The race finishes at Antelope Wells on the US/Mexican border, some 4410kms from the start! Yep, thats correct. The race is nearly 4,500kms long and is expected to take at least 25 days to complete! There is no support crew, and there are no prizes for winning or even finishing. Heck - finishing is not even guaranteed! Racers must carry all their own food, water and equipment on their bikes, and they must sustain themselves for the entire race by acquiring all their supplies from shops and towns on the route. In fact it’s not even an official race — it’s a test of endurance and an investigation into where your personal limits are. Mick’s not alone in this race. His family are also involved, supporting him in this crazy challenge by helping fund his participation and keeping the home fires burning with online support and guidance. Without the love, understanding and approval of his wonderful wife and kids, Mick would not be able to even get to the start line! And his extended family will be providing love and logistical support to his family during the race. Mick has offered to fundraise for #teambrendanm over the period of the race, but how is this going to happen? This is where you come in! You can sponsor Mick’s ride and all funds will go to #teambrendanm! Here’s how you can show your support for crazy Mick as well as Brendan & his family: Follow Mick during his training by going to his FB page. Search for ‘Race The Divide with #teambrendanm’ and like and share it with all your mates. Donate to #teambrendanm now if you like, by going to https://donateplanet.com/appeals/teambrendanm/ and choose ‘Race The Divide with #teambrendanm’ from the ‘Fundraisers’ tab. You can also donate funds during the ride. Here’s a couple of ways: Donate a flat fee. You can donate 10 cents or $30 million! It doesn’t matter how much — every bit counts! Challenge Mick by donating an amount per kilometre. That way you only pay for the kilometres Mick completes on the race (and finishing is NOT guaranteed!). If you donate 1 cent per kilometre and Mick finishes, that’s $44 you’ll be giving. Half a cent per kilometre and it’s $22. Two cents per kilometre and that’s…….You get the idea! Follow Mick during the race. Mick will be uploading photos, videos and messages on the route so you can keep up to date with his progress. You can also become a ‘Blue Dot Stalker’ by following Mick and his fellow racers on the Tour Divide site. Its at www.tourdivide.org — choose the ‘Leaderboard’ option. All funds raised from the race go directly to assist Brendan, Callie and the kids get on with daily life during this tough time. But why stop there? Don’t just be a spectator — why not join ‘Race The Divide with #teambrendanm’ by setting your own personal health and fitness goals in June and July! Here are some hints: Vow to eat healthier (more fruit and veggies, less processed food). Support Mick by setting personal exercise goals and sharing it with him on his Facebook page during the race. Set a weight loss goal and achieve it through eating healthier, exercising more and sharing your journey on the Facebook page. This June and July, Set yourself a challenge, cheer Mick on in his great challenge, while helping out Brendan during the biggest challenge he’s ever had to face. Join ‘Race The Divide with #teambrendanm’!

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