Queer Polyamory Melbourne meeting

 12 June
 416 Brunswick Street - 3065 - Fitzroy - Australia
 Bruno Helbert
Just like that, it's time to plan our second meeting! It's on the second Friday of the month, which is now our regular time, and this time it falls on the 12th of June. We are sticking with Palookaville for the moment, until we decide otherwise and actually find a better place that everyone agrees on. We start at 7.30pm, upstairs, but feel free to come earlier to order food and drink and meet some of us before we start . The suggested plan is this one: -From 7.30pm to 8.30pm: discussions, in small groups if there is a lot of us and many subject to cover. -8.30pm: Break for some air and some drinks. -After that, those who want to can get back upstairs for full-group discussions until 10pm, and those who'd rather socialise downstairs are of course welcome to do so. Also, since we are a new-ish group and there is no predicting how many of us will be there, Palookaville asked us for a small booking fee. If there is enough of us, they will consider letting us use the room for free in the future, so do make a special effort to be there if you can. For the same reason, if you feel like making a gold coin donation to help cover this fee, feel free to do so on the day, we'll have a collection box just for that. This is of course absolutely voluntary and not at all a pre-requisite to joining us. I think that's it for this one. Very excited to see you all beautiful people! PS: If some facilitators from PolyVic or other horizons are coming and happy to help with facilitating, please let me know with a small private message. Likewise, if some bubbly outgoing people are happy to be there to welcome the newcomers, do get in touch with me too as your help would be much appreciated. PPS: The Facebook setting for this event is "Public", so as to reach as broad a community as possible. This means that, if you chose to RSVP by clicking "Join", it may appear on your timeline for everyone to see, depending on your own settings. If that isn't something you are comfortable with, remember that there is no need to RSVP officially, you can just rock-up on the day and join the fun ^_^

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