Qi Yo Yoga Workshop at Yoga Shala 38 in Playa del Carmen

 16 May
 Calle 38 esquina con Avenida 20, Edificio Camelot interior 7 - 77710 - Playa del Carmen - Mexico
 Qi Yo Yoga
WHO: Ariadne Antahkarana and Agung Sangha will hold a 2 hours class introducing Qi Yo Yoga's Core Sadhana to the Playa Del Carmen community. WHAT: Qi Yo is the first system to unite yoga and martial arts* Qi Yo Yoga is a kaleidoscope of practices, uniting vedantic yoga with Qi Gong and Tai Ji martial arts. Its mission is to offer a broad view of the world's esoteric heritage via an open approach that melds extant spiritual knowledge into a single system. WHEN: May 16th from 8:30 am to 10:30 am WHERE: YogaShala38, Calle 38 esquina con Avenida 20 Edificio Camelot Int. n° 6 THE WORKSHOP: The workshop will begin with guided relaxation in Savasana, accompanied by Nada Yoga sound therapy (using multi-cultural music instruments), Then, we will move into welcoming intro talk explaining the essence of Qi energy and how to work with it on daily basis, highlighting our energetic anatomy. Next, we will practice guided 7- step pranayama sequence incorporating practices from India, Bali, and China (including the Taoist embryonic breathing) Towards the middle of the class, we will begin with practice of Qi Gong/Tai Ji signature blend sequence. Then, will continue with Hatha Yoga asanas focusing on the bandhas and the flow of prana in the meridians. The class will end with creative visualization and trataka concentration, leading to yoga Nidra relaxation. TEA CEREMONY OFFRED BY ChaHigh FROM NYC WILL BE OFFERED AT THE END OF CLASS! WELCOME! Workshop Fee: 250 pesos per person For more info: www.qiyoyoga.org www.multiversalyoga.org www.ovalmat.com www.yogaglobe.com

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