Pyrot DJ @ Lyndora Hotel

 21 November
 Lyndora Hotel
 1 Main St - 16045-1034 - Lyndora -
 Pyrot D J LightsSound
Pyrot DJ @ Lyndora Hotel
***MUST READ FOR ALL MY PARTY PEOPLE*** Don't just "decline" this event if you can't make it the date(s) I have posted... I change the date after every Friday show to keep this weekly event page going for EVERY Friday night. I can't re-invite you once you decline, unless I re-create the whole event page (very time consuming and not something I plan to do every week). It is easier to modify the date to the following week and keep the same page going. Stay on board every week mates, one of these Fridays might work better for you than others!!! With that being said... That Karaoke guy, Lighting guy, sound guy.. that "Pyrot" Pirate DJ guy, Will be at the Lyndora Hotel every Friday night to DJ new/old school favorite dance songs of all time along with your requests at from 10pm-2am!!! Come get your drink on, get your swerve on as we be raisin' glasses and shaking asses!!! But more than likely we may actually look more like Carlton (Fresh Prince style), but hey I just might play that song anyways SO BUST IT OUT IF YOU WANNA!!! These Friday nights are for you my party people!!! "We" the DJ will be strolling through memory lane with some of your favorite songs from back in the day. Do you remember what used to make you move when you turned 21? Your first drunk dance on your 21st bday? A song from Senior high School? Come on out and share your favorite tune and bust a move, dance a groove, raise the \m/ horns, swing your hair, sing a long like a girl that was really a guy in the 80's that really sounded like a girl (like that would narrow it down), work it, twerk it, have you caught on yet? The night is for those who leave drama on Facebook and want a fun time with a variety of dance music. Anyone 21+ is welcome to join us!!!

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