Pursuit 1v1 Soccer Tournament

 16 May
 Georgetown Day School
 4530 MacArthur Boulevard, NW - 20007 - Washington - United States
Pursuit Sports Yael Averbuch and Sports for Sharing Cordially Invite you to the inaugural Pursuit 1v1 Soccer Tournament The object of the 1v1 match is to hit at least one of the cones score as many times as possible within the match timeframe. A point is awarded each time a player hits the opponent’s cones. All the rules of the regular match of soccer apply except slide tackling is not allowed and is treated as a foul (see rules below). This style of play promotes creativity on the ball and fun competition! Matches are three minutes each starting and finishing with the sound of the horn. Each player plays four round robin matches against other players in his/her age bracket. After all round robin matches have been played, the top eight finishers, in each age group, play in quarterfinal matches. Winners then play for the Championship. BRACKETS a. Boys ages 10 – 11, 12 – 14, and 15 – 17 b. Girls ages 10 – 11, 12 – 14, and 15 – 17 c. Men ages 18 – 25 d. Women ages 18 – 25 e. Men ages 26+ f. Women ages 26+ MATCHES a. Two players (Each player may only play in one age bracket). b. Three minutes (Please note that we may have to make timing adjustments). c. One ball d. Goals: Four cones for the 10-11 age brackets and three cones for the 12 and older age brackets. The ball need only touch the cone(s) to score. It is not necessary to knock them over. A goal can only be scored inside the defending player’s half of the field marked by one color of marker. More details at: Pursuit1v1.splashthat.com

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