Purple Turtle Diving Kids Club - Scuba Diving for younger divers!

 06 June
 West Norwood Health & Leisure Centre
 25 Devane Way - SE270DF - London - United Kingdom
 Purple Turtle Diving Limited
What is Kids Club: Our kids club has been specifically designed to introduce kids to the wonderful world of scuba diving. The main focus of the club is to allow kids to explore diving in their own time, with an emphasis on safety and fun! Every child takes on board the information, feelings and sounds in a different way and we let the individual determine the pace of their experience. Who is kids club for? Kids club is designed for kids from the age of 8 to 14. While children are allowed to start standard entry level courses at the age of 10, we have found that this level of training is not always a fun introduction for kids. The kids club will allow kids to progress from a series of exploration sessions (PADI Bubblemaker dives) to PADI Seal Team and for the most ambitious, the PADI Master Seal Team! When the child wishes to progress to a full entry level course, this builds a strong foundation for the young divers. What happens at Kids Club? - Initial session Every child's initial session will be a one on one session with one of our PADI Professional staff who are experienced in working with children, to ensure that the child is able to run the first session completely at their own pace without any peer pressure from their friends or other participants. We then run through (depending entirely on the individual's comfort and desired pace): - Introduction to the scuba diving equipment, some basic physics and physiology (such as pressure and equalisation), underwater signals and some basic safety (breathing rules and BCD inflation) - Enter the water in snorkelling equipment and complete some snorkelling until completely comfortable - Introduction to breathing from regulator - Kitting up in scuba equipment - Breathing underwater (in shallow water, first standing then kneeling) - Swimming in scuba equipment (either underwater or on the surface) - Dekitting and debriefing - Further Bubblemaker sessions Depending on your child's comfort from the initial session, you can choose to have further individual sessions or join in a group session. The group sessions will have a maximum ration of 6 participants to 2 staff members. The focus in these sessions will be on gaining confidence in the water in scuba equipment. How much does Kids Club cost: - Joining fee - free - One on one session (including initial session) - £75 per participant - Group Bubblemaker session (booking one session at a time) - £50 per participant - Group Bubblemaker session (booking 2 or more sessions at a time) - £40 per session per participant - Bubblemaker Crewpak (includes certificate, beach towel, water toy, sticker, emblem, tattoo and logbook) - £25 How do I book? Please email us at info@purpleturtlediving.com or call us on 07792 723 938 to confirm availability as spaces are limited. Payment can be made by online transfer or over the phone.

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