Punks Not Dead Menace

 29 May
 Phoenix Bar High Wycombe
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 Nigel Martin
Menace, Knock Off, No Lip and Molotov Sex Bomb! Menace Knock Off KNOCK OFF are a hard hitting punk trio, taking influences from the early 80's U.K punk scene and giving it a modern twist. A raw and powerful sound with stick in your head choruses, KNOCK OFF will leave their mark. Formed in sept 2013 the KNOCK OFF repitoire is inspired by football, anger, disillusionment at a country going down the pan and life in general. It's not all doom and gloom though and there is the odd sprinkling of humor in the set, such as a heart warming love song, imaginatively called....Love Song. A KNOCK OFF gig can be described as an onslaught of hard and fast songs, a wall of noise designed to make an impact. Jump on the bandwagon, before someone knicks the wheels... No Lip Right, lets get this straight. We are playing no frills, straight up honest as you like punk rock. We don’t bother with our own stuff it just clouds the issue, the issue being bringing these tunes back to an appreciative audience and not trying to promote our own half assed take on current affairs, we leave that to the “Facefuk” generation.why not come along to this show and hear full on, heart felt renditions of PuNk RoCk classics and rarities plus tunes to groove to before+after the blistering live set.So tell everyone you know, whether you like them or not and get down to the clash city rockers that are”NO LIP” Molotov Sex Bomb Molotov Sexbomb came about a few years back when 2 former members of Witney horror/punk band 10/90's (an early 2000's band consisting of 2 current members of The Black Hats), lamented a distinct lack of good an' honest, feelgood rock attitude in a local music scene dominated by tight, crushing metal bands, and angsty, yearning artists with lyrics deeper than an infinite well. Yearning for a return to catchy riffs, melodies, harmonies, and a no-nonsense approach to music without getting too serious about how it was perceived, they set about putting it into action. After writing a plethora of suitable tunes, they set down to doing some rehearsal time with a willing drummer (their old friend Murry also formerly of the 10/90's). Bass players came and went, sometimes in tragic circumstances, and they looked far and wide for a suitable recruitment, only to find the answer right back in Witney, in Steve Bernard, formerly of Mind The White Lines. Now with the ball rolling again, Molotov Sexbomb have literally just released their second EP (deliberately no-so-creatively titled Part 2) and are about to hit the circuit running, in as many areas as we can reach by road. The music is uncomplicated, devoid of flamboyancy, with an infectious classic rock swagger, and punk sensibilities. The current EP - Part 2, can be listened to or downloaded for free from the following link. @[NjQyMTgzOTU5MjA4MTA3Omh0dHBzXGEvL21vbG90b3ZzZXhib21iLmJhbmRjYW1wLmNvbS86Og==:https://molotovsexbomb.bandcamp.com/] £5 door entry 18+

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