Pulled Under|Enchant|Afflictive Nature|No Victory|Purgatory|Forged

 08 June
 Josey Records and Music
 2821 Lyndon B Johnson Fwy Suite 100 - 75234 - Dallas - United States
 Cedric Santillan
Oh boy, oh boy, another one of these shows. :-) This is gonna be the first hardcore show to happen at Josey so please be respectable don't drink around the venue and support the spot and buy a couple records or something! DUE TO CIRCUMSTANCES WITH BOOKING AT JOSEY DURING BUSINESS HOURS I AM UNABLE TO CHARGE A COVER FOR THIS SHOW. WITH THAT BEING SAID, I WILL BE GOING AROUND ASKING FOR A SUGGESTED 8 DOLLAR DONATION IF YOU DON'T HAVE 8 BUCKS I'LL TAKE WHAT I CAN GET BUT DON'T FORGET THE FIVE BANDS THAT ARE GOING ON TOUR!! Enchant, Pulled Under, and Afflictive Nature will be heading out West to play Champs for Kids fest in California so this show is going to be our kick off. So come on out and give us a nice lil fare well. :-) No Victory and Purgatory are two bad ass bands from the Midwest and they will be on tour. No Victory was one of the coolest bands that I got to check out at Midwest blood and they're definitely worth checking out and will get you moshing 100% Cedthemosher certified banger shit. Purgatory is also a phenomenal band full of handsome boys and D'jentlemen they also play a Crowbar cover sometimes and that shit is always sick. Pulled Under- Record out one day or something. The room is going to smell like an Earth Bound store after this set. bigassmessage.com/10b47 Enchant- Riff slaying, meme building, well dressed boys playing cross over thrash that's not only setting the tape deck on fire but catching everyone's attention. Also heard that Libra's scale is actually what Austin uses to weigh his stacks of money on. https://enchanthc.bandcamp.com/ Afflictive Nature- Party Patrick and his banditos are going to play some songs that will definitely have you bailaré. If you've never had the chance to check this band out, you need to because they're fuckin' sick and Jose is one of the best guitar players I've ever had the pleasure of watching play. https://afflictivenaturetx.bandcamp.com/ No Victory- Young bloods from Indiana playing straight up war metal in the vein of All Out War and Merauder. Like I said, 100% Cedthemosher approval and will get you spin kicking and toe touching. https://novictoryhc.bandcamp.com/ Purgatory- Dark and heavy hardcore from Nebraska. Straight up this band pulverizes, it's like riff after riff of just ass beating. https://purgatoryhc.bandcamp.com/ Forged- Dark Metallic hardcore, reminds me a lot of the Mayday Integrity split.

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