23 May
 The Jungle Bar
 25 Spence Street - 4870 - Cairns - Australia
 Reuben Lee Rusch
Locally Hosted Australia Presents Psy-Bar Space @ The Jungle Bar 23RD May >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>> ALICE SPACEDOLL (VIC) LIVE Alice SpaceDoll brings together an other worldly collaboration of ethereal melodies, progressive sounds, structure and rhythms tightly produced into a unique style of emotive, psybient and experimental sounds that will take you on a deep psychedelic journey within yourself. But what makes the live experience so special is the beautiful, real, raw expression expressed through her voice. As well as live sound and production, costuming and dance, Alice also incorporates other elements of performance art into her show, often including live body painting, an ultraviolet glow show and stimulating visual effects. Check out this vid.... AliceSpaceDoll Creative Folio Video 2014 SUPPORT BY >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>> KNARRL (VIC) Psydonia recs MR PECULIAR (VIC) Hadra Records RIZON (CAIRNS) Locally Hosted Australia PAPA BIG WHEELS (TAS/VIC) Join us as we take you on a psychedelic experience with the music we all love. With Sound & Decor & String Art, provided by Locally Hosted Australia, the Jungle Bar will be the venue to be at come 23rd of May.. Tickets - ON THE DOOR $15 Each $10 each for groups of 5 people.. Car Pooling is Good & so is a night out with a crew.. So bring your entourage ;) >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>> ARTIST BIO'S >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>> ALICE SPACEDOLL Alice Spacedoll offers the harmonious paradox of a down to earth being merged with an other-worldy experience. A symbiosis of resonant vocal chords and evolved production techniques reveals an insight into the intrinsic nature of this freely moving artistic being. This musically empathic soul first came into physical being in the late 80s, and since this time particles of influence have been gathered from all over this magical realm we call Earth, as well as the universe beyond. From the humble stages of adolescent development, it didn't take long for Alice to discover her musical purpose, first drawing from popular talents and musical theatre to take the first steps in an ever-expansive journey.m This naturally lead into the familiarisation with a number of musical instruments, and in 2006, at the beginning of her adult life, Alice released her debut EP “Chocolate Walls and Waterfalls”. Receiving attention and offers from multiple major labels, Alice instinctively avoided this path, instead heeding the calls of a much more profound musical and spiritual awakening. In the years to come Alice explored the creative realms of synths, pedals, guitars and loops, incorporating all of the above into her second EP in 2008, “Dimensions of Pandemonium”. From here on in the world of electronic music production opened its doors to her with Logic Pro. And so the sonic expansion has continued. Since these humble beginnings two full-length albums have been unleashed, “Sunships and Star Seeds” in 2011 and “Other Worlds” in 2012. This period marked a significant shift in the beings Alice performed in front of and surrounded herself with, a progressive tribe of open-hearted individuals with similar aspirations of musical unification. The yearning curiosity of this cosmically artistic mind has thus seen her trot the globe to pick up valuable information not only about music creation, but the spiritual abyss and the general world around her, developing a constant evolution in her ability to tap deeply into the conscious and subconscious planes of mental and spiritual perception for all those that her music has found. Now based in Melbourne, Australia, Alice continues to grow and take her listeners into new dimensions of reality. >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>. KNARRL (VIC) Psydonia recs For this Healsville/vic native a love of music has been a constant, drumming in bands since the age of 10 he has maintained a burning desire to play. When electronic music became part of his life djing didn’t seem to make much sense. it wasn’t till he took to producing it himself that it all started to fall into place. Now FNQ based after 10 years of honing his craft, travelling Australia both producing and performing solo and as part of S & M Project, he has developed his own massively unique and groove-heavy beast of dark and full on minimal psytrance. With tight snares, snappy rhythms along side strategically placed left field sounds, you can’t help but feel like a bit of a baller moving to it. Flippant yet catchy melodic elements, wrapped in fast paced rhythmic steez, sitting comfortably on solid self-assured baselines. Cheekily dark and unique Knarrl is a paradox of simple and smart, capturing the attention of labels like Terran Records, Psydonia, Rexette and Horsepower productions. For the last 4 years Knarrl has been performing at festivals and outdoor gatherings alongside some of the biggest local and international psychedelic music artists. The musical spawn of this manic maniac gets dance floors cranking with a rare sort of fun yet focused attention that just isn’t found anywhere else. >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>> MR PECULIAR (VIC) Hadra Records Dustin Bint aka Mr Peculiar, based in Melbourne, Australia has been creating electronic music for over 15 years, playing live and travelling all over Australia, New Zealand, Japan and Europe. He has released 4 albums and over 30 tracks on a multitude of compilations. From as early as 1989, Dustin has been involved in a number of projects producing Hip Hop, Drum and bass and Chill out before evolving into psychedelic trance. His first release as Mr Peculiar came in early 2001 where his track "Elephantitis" featured on the Koyote records compilation "Blue Tooth". Soon after that he continued to release tracks on various compilations and his debut album "Elements" was released on Tribeadelic records 2002. Since then he has had tracks featured on compilations from Spirit Zone, Tribeadelic, Beats and Pieces, Spectral, Procyon, Fragile Planet, Sphere, Oxygen, Green Ant, Mind-Funk and Liquid Records. Also, in collaboration with the computer animation wizard "The Shapeshifter" he created a fully syncronised DVD entitled "Syncrosect" welding music and animation seamlesly together. Last year his third album "Mind-dala" received rave reviews and he followed up the release with tours of Australia, Japan and Europe. Playing some of the largest festivals worldwide his sound seems perfectly locked into a magical transition between night and day, bringing in some of the most fantastic sunrize sessions with his atmospheric mind bending rythms. ........................................................................... RIZON (CAIRNS) Locally Hosted Australia My Name is Reuben Lee Rusch. a.k.a Rizon of Locally Hosted Austraila. I am all about supporting the Artists & Musicians that we all love. As a Promoter, DJ, & Emcee, I do a little bit of this and a little bit of that.. Personally I love all sorts of Music Genres.. So I try involve myself in all sorts of Art Music & Festival Culture. I love to jam, I love to create new music, I love to share new music, and meet new people. As a DJ I play music created by people I've met on my journey's. Usually Psytrance, Chill, Dub, Dancehall, Glitch Hop, Hip Hop & Electro Swing beatz. For this event I'll be smashin out good ole Aussie Psytrance.. >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>> PAPA BIG WHEELS (TAS/VIC) Sammy aka big wheels had an early introduction to psychedelic music, smashing out Melodic techno grooves and psychedelic funk very rarely above 130bpm. As he was growing up on the north coast NSW he began to fiddle with sequencers at around 13. Purchased some cdj's when he was 15 and spent the next few years pefecting his skills. After playing around and helping out with a few small parties around the bellingen/coffs harbour region was offered an oppurtunity in 07 by a now very close freind to come to melbourne and play at a couple of local gatherings (spiral harmonics and acollectivefuture) . Feeling like he had found his 2nd family decided never to leave! Around this time he was beginning to grow tired of playing other peoples tunes and wanted to express his own creativity so he sold his decks and embarked on the never ending journey of music production. After 3 years he is now feeling like its time to get it out there.He used to play funky melodic progressive but after living in melbourne has adopted a love for minimal techno / tech house and is incorporating influences from all of these areas aiming for something a little different. Influences include Minilogue, Tetrameth, Sensient, Tristan Boyle, Krumelur, gaiser, Trentemoller, pink floyd, tool and basically anything psychedelic an of the slower tempo. >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>> TECTONIC (QLD) Introducing TecTonic... (Ben O'Halloran) Has grown up in the beautiful tropics of north Queensland his whole life. first on the party scene in 2014 Attending Zero Db festival he found a new love for psychedelic music and the community surrounding it very new to production and the Dj scene he is still yet to find his sound but is influenced and inspired by the likes of Ace Ventura, Ivort, Ranji, Dzp and Grouch. >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>. See the event posts for Vids, Artist Links and images.. Cheers Guys.. Please share and invite ya mates.. See ya there.

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