Providence Village Minecraft Party

 23 May
 Cranston Ct
  - - -
 Andy Goin
Join us for our first Minecraft Party for Providence Village! We're planning on having at least two Playstation 3's with Minecraft on them which will accommodate 8 players total at a time. The PS3 version is very similar to the XBOX version so if your kids play that one, this will feel super similar. We plan on having kids aged 12-13 and under playing with a majority of them being between 6-9 but all are welcome! We're going to hold this at our home which has a projector area upstairs that can accommodate kids and parents as well as a TV downstairs that can accommodate others. We also have a toy room and a trampoline and sandbox outside for kids to enjoy. :D We will also provide snacks and drinks, feel free to contribute as you wish to that also. We're aiming for a nice afternoon time that works for all on May 23, 2015. Hope you can make it, bonus fun points for wearing Minecraft clothing! ;D

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