17 May
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 Peta Feral
There's an Ad on NZ TV for Anchor Milk; would others complain about it to the Advertising Standards Authority; you need to include the channel, date and time it aired. People overseas can possibly watch it if you watch progammes on NZ TV online. I am sending the following: I write to complain about the Anchor Milk Advertisement which I last saw screened ... It Manipulates a Child to Misinform Children through Peer Pressure which is Unethical. It is also Misinformation with Erroneous Claims about Cows' Milk for Human Health. People overseas can possibly watch it if you watch progammes on NZ TV online. Milk and Cancer Risk: PCRM’s IGF-I Study: HUMAN MILK FOR HUMAN BABIES I hope the Botulism issue will teach women to breast feed their babies until weaning after which we don't need any milk stolen from other species at the following cost: The cost to cows is: rape exploitation, abuse, rape, osteoporosis, mastitis, lives shortened from 20 years to 5 at most, losing their calves and the consequent grief and denial of, and disregard for their maternal urges. The cost to calves in NZ is premature induction, suffering and death due to shooting, clubbing or exposure, and their lives. Elsewhere the cost to calves is imprisonment in veal crates and premature death at only weeks old. The cost to the environment is the loss of forests and methane and nitrous oxide emissions and consequent climate change, and excrement run off polluting waterways, and costing the lives of poisoned fish, especially shellfish who filter water and thus concentrate toxins which cause "food/corpse" poisoning. The cost to humans is poor health from consuming dairy products which are unhealthy and unnatural for humans; we cannot absorb calcium from milk; it needs to be ingested with magnesium in a 2 to 1 ratio; Calcium can be best obtained from tofu, oatmeal, sesame seeds, oranges, green vegetables and molasses. Milk has a high content of cholesterol causing artheroschlerosis, heart disease and stroke, as do eggs and meat; Milk also causes obesity, diabetes and cancer. Protein can be got from real natural vegan foods especially legumes, grains, nuts and seeds. The cost to poor countries is starvation because of excessive land used for growing cattle feed egs. soy and palm oil; 60 people can live on 10 acres growing soy but only 2 people raising cattle for slaughter. I hope the Botulism issue will also teach death-dealing countries to find ethical ways of living instead of the death-dealing dairy industry as well as corpse export, hunting, fishing and vivisection. DAIRY: THE MILK OF HUMAN MALEVOLENCE WWW.GOVEGAN.ORG.NZ WWW.VEGANSOCIETY.CO.NZ WWW.PCRM.ORG WWW.GENTLEWORLD.ORG WWW.WHALE.TO WWW.NZAVS.ORG.NZ

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