Protest calling for apology & pardon of all men convicted in the UK of cons

 03 June
 Richmond Terrace Westminister London SW1A 2NJ
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 Out & Proud Diamond Group
Apologise & pardon them all Protest calling for an apology & pardon for all men convicted in the UK of consenting homosexuality under now repealed anti-gay laws Date: Wednesday 03/06/2015 Time: 6pm-7:30pm Venue: Opposite 10 Downing Street, Richmond Terrace, Richmond Terrace, Whitehall, London SW1A 2NJ Organised by Out and Proud Diamond Group and the Peter Tatchell Foundation. There were around 49,000 convictions for so-called ‘gross indecency’ (consensual gay sex) but many more men were convicted under other homophobic laws. Up to 100,000 men may have been convicted in total. We don’t know the exact number because criminal statistics on homosexual offences are imprecise. It’s great that Alan Turing was granted an apology and pardon but what about all the other victims of homophobic legislation? An estimated 50,000-100,000 men were convicted under Britain’s anti-gay laws during the twentieth century. All these men deserve an apology and pardon, like the one that was granted to Alan Turing. His apology and pardon is much deserved but he should not be singled out for special treatment. Unfairly, no such apology and pardon has been extended to the tens of thousands of other gay and bisexual victims. These men still have criminal records. An apology and pardon should be granted to all men convicted of consenting adult same-sex relations under now repealed anti-gay laws. This includes those found guilty of Turing’s offence of ‘gross indecency’ and also men found guilty of other anti-gay laws, such as ‘buggery,’ ‘procuring’ and ‘soliciting and importuning’ homosexual acts, as well as under the public order laws and obscure ancient legislation. Please add your support. SIGN: @[NjQyMTgzOTU5MjA4MTA3Omh0dHBcYS8vZ29vLmdsL0ozSDk0Szo6:@[NjQyMTgzOTU5MjA4MTA3Omh0dHBcYS8vZ29vLmdsL0ozSDk0Szo6:]] Please join us in demanding for an apology and a pardon from the United Kingdom government. Bring your banners, placards, vuvuzelas and mega phones. Please share this event with all your contacts.

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