Acknowledged (Protest against discrimination and injustice by HEC and Government with Virtual University Students)

 31 December
 PM House Islamabad
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 Wajid Ali
Acknowledged (Protest against discrimination and injustice by HEC and Government with Virtual University Students)
Thanks & Congrats Everybody, Our peaceful protest has been accepted and issue has been resolved. The Prime Minister Islamic Republic of Pakistan Subject: Protest against discrimination and injustice being employed with Virtual University Students in PM Laptop Scheme My August Leader, It is fervently submitted that we, the students of Virtual University, are in deep agony of being discriminate with in the PM laptop scheme whereas all students of other universities are being incorporated in the aforesaid scheme. We are in utter protest against this unjust, unfair and discriminated act of completely baseless negligence employed with us due to following reasons: 1. Virtual University is a HEC recognized “W” rank Government University providing education to more than 150,000 students nationwide. 2. Virtual University is a fully ICT based institution using the most modern and efficient technologies simultaneously used all around the world for teaching and learning. 3. Virtual University is producing quality graduates in computer science, information technology, business studies and many other fields due to which the country is getting benefited by the same graduates and scholars filing the gaps of market need of work force, they are doing research & innovation towards country’s progress, earning foreign exchange and overall highly participating in country’s economy and development. 4. The students are coming from lower and middle class not able to afford the other universities due to high expenses. 5. The students of Virtual University are more in need of the laptops gifted in the scheme than the students of any other university because of the fact that we, the students of Virtual University, study and learn everything online including; listening lectures, attempting quizzes, doing assignments and other grading activates. It is, therefore, implored to your kind authority to look this offending issue and solve it as soon as possible. We will be anxiously waiting for your quick, kind and reassuring answer for the aforesaid problem. Regards Students of Virtual University NOTE: This is a NON-POLITICAL, NON-RELIGIOUS, NON-PARTISAN, NON-SECTARIAN and NOT-FOR-PROFIT campaign.

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