Promless for the Homeless

 13 June
  - - -
 Isaac Daniel Chan
Who: Volunteers provided by members of the Newport community (You!). Serving the women and children of Hope Place women's shelter. Where: Hope Place Women's shelter in Seattle What: The event will replicate as authentic a prom night as possible for a homeless community in Seattle. The core of the event will consist of A) a salon for hair and makeup B) nice three course dinner C) entertainment and music D) raffle, games, and goodie bags. Why: To restore some dignity to the homeless in the greater Seattle area. Many of the homeless population probably haven’t had a nice meal served to them in years. As the saying goes “beggars can’t be choosers”, but what if for one night they weren’t beggars. What if they were guests at a deluxe 4 star restaurant? We want them to feel special, loved, cared, and valued as a human being. Hopefully this memory will last for a lifetime for both the homeless and for you. When: The event itself will take place from 6-9; however, setup and take down will last from 4-10, depending on your job. Here is the link to donate to this event:

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