Promise Keepers - Stockton, CA

 16 May
 Stockton Arena , 248 W Fremont St, Stockton, CA, US
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 Promise Keepers
Order tickets via Eventbrite: BATTLE LINES: No Compromise! Today’s culture nurtures a popular misconception that tolerance is the only reasonable worldview. Unfortunately, this spirit of compromise on key moral and biblical issues has permeated both our culture and the church. Divorce and co-habitation rates continue to rise. Same-sex marriage is now accepted and abortion is still legal in our nation. Scripture is quite clear how we are to respond whenever the foundations of the Christian faith are under attack: our duty is to contend for the faith, without compromise. In 1 John 1:5 John wrote, “This is the message which we have heard from Him and declare to you, that God is light and in Him is no darkness at all.” This is a very definitive statement. God is light. There are no shades of grey with God. He is Light and in Him, there is no darkness. What is light? It’s truth, and there is no compromising God’s Truth. There is no middle ground. Considering the current times, as Promise Keepers, we must boldly and courageously stand for truth. We must defend biblical marriage, champion the life of the unborn and protect religious liberty. We cannot stand back and allow moral relativism, cultural decadence, spiritual apathy and ecclesiastical indifference to hinder us any longer. We must draw our battle lines without compromise. Customer FAQS There are NO REFUNDS on registrations. If you are unable to use your registration, please consider donating it to a local church. Registrations: In September of 2014, all registrations are $59.00. Up to 3 months prior to the event all registrations are $69.00 a ticket. Between 3 months and 1 month prior to the event, all registrations are $74.00 a ticket. Within 1 month of the event all tickets are $79.00. Call (866) 776-6473 to order for groups of 10 or more. Group ticket packages will be offered to churches/ministries at $59 per ticket on a case-by-case basis. Saturday lunch is included. Everyone will pick up his wristband at the door. Please bring a copy of your emailed receipt in order to pick up your wristband. Wear your wristband throughout the event. It is required for re-entry. There will be a $5.00 charge for lost wristbands. Those with special needs will find reserved area at the events that are wheelchair accessible. ASL interpreters will be provided. For more information, call customer service at 1.866.PROMISE (8:00 a.m.-5 p.m. MST, Mon-Fri.) or visit PK conference merchandise is available for purchase at each conference. Parking fees are determined by each parking facility. We encourage carpooling; public parking may be limited. For specific conference information and updates, or for additional registrations, please call 1.866.PROMISE (8:00 a.m.-5 p.m. MST, Mon-Fri.) or visit What to bring: A Bible, pen, a friend and an open heart. What not to bring: Coolers, cans, glass or plastic bottles, umbrellas, electronic recorders, or video cameras. Due to heightened security at most venues, backpacks, briefcases, etc. may not be allowed.

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