Preston County MOPS Day Time Meeting

 28 May
 Arthurdale Heritage, Inc.
 18 A Road - 26520 - Arthurdale - United States
 Preston County MOPS
Reedsville UMC is not available because we will be preparing for Vacation Bible School which is June 1-5, 6 to 8:30 pm. Arthurdale Heritage, Inc. has graciously agreed to host our meeting at Center Hall! Jeanne Goodman, Director of Arthurdale Heritage, will present for about 30 minutes about Arthurdale Heritage and Arthurdale History during the meeting. After Jeanne presents, we will cover the Courage to Rest! Also, at the meeting each Mom that attends can plant an Iris bulb in a small flower pot and decorate the pot. We need an accurate of a count as possible of how many Moms are going to attend so we have enough supplies! Please bring toys/crayons/coloring books etc for kids.

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