Premium Destination: Homage to Cervantes - In Search of Don Quixote

 16 May
 Calle Pau Claris 117, Barcelona
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 Barcelona Premium Lifestyle
For complete details of this trip, Register & RSVP @Barcelona Premium Lifestyle here:- NOTE :: • Please purchase you train ticket online on Renfe site here:- • If you purchase online, the price is much cheaper than buying it at Barcelona Sants Station. (Please buy you tickets immediately. • Current price of return journey is minimum 67€ right now. If you really want to go, Hurry up before they are sold out. • If you finish your payment, Please let me know so I can book a Hotel for one night stay in Alcazar de San Juan - (Price between 30-40€) • This is our first weekend trip spanning over Saturday & Sunday. It includes sight-seeing and a bit of hiking. ----------------------------------------------------------------------- DESCRIPTION With the discovery of tomb of Miguel de Cervantes Saavedra this year, the prince of Spanish literature.. This year..In 2015, Spain is celebrating the 4th centenary of the publication of the second part of the most universal work of Spanish literature: "Don Quixote of La Mancha". The celebrations include an extensive programme of cultural events that revolve around the book and its author Miguel de Cervantes. Starting from Alcazar de San Juan.. to Campo de Criptana.. and through Consuegra.. the setting of the story of this famous novel... Through all these towns, there are beautiful houses all colored in White and Blue.. , medieval churches.. and giant windmills in the village as well as over the plains of fields and over hills. In Campo de Criptana, It was an age old tradition to grind the seeds using these windmills. As such, every house in Campo de Criptana owns a windmill. Many of these windmills are destroyed, But there still remains around 20 in th village of Campo de Criptana. But, the town of Alcazar is having many historial sites of Interest of its own. -------------------------------------------------------------------- MEETUP DETAILS We will meet at 8.30 AM at Ars Cafeteria inside Sants Renfe Station. It is located inside at the main entrance of Sants Station on the right side. You can spot it easily with a large butterfly logo. In any case you can call me on 654-907-979. You will need to book thee trains:- Barcelona- Alcazar de San Juan : TALGO 00697 Time of Departure: 9.37 AM from Sants Alcazar de San Juan - Barcelona: TALGO 00694 Time of Departure from Alcazar de San Juan: 13.15H As mentioned on top of the page, Please book your tickets earlier before it gets full and only high price tickets left. At this site: This is a 2 day trip, where we start on Saturday & will be back on Sunday evening. There will be regular breaks in town during the journey before reaching the town of Alcazar de San Juan. We will be staying at the Hotel in Alcazar de San Juan overnight. If any of you have any special room preferences (Single/ Double Room to share), let me know. During our stay, We will do a small hike between the village of Alcazar and Campo de Criptana.. passing through panoramic Windmills..and Campo de Criptana is amazing in itself.. with beautiful white & blue houses. And we will be back in Alcazar de San Juan.. before we head back to Barcelona after the lunch on 17th May. HIKE DETAILS Ofcourse, We will do a short hike approx. 8 kms called Ruta de los Molinos which is easy. Hike Route: ** Any further questions regarding payment or trip, please write me a message or post your comments here below. Join us and explore some of the finest destinations.. The most interesting and historical parts around Spain.... Only with Barcelona Premium Lifestyle .

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