Pre-Revolt Game/Campout/Gear Shakedown

 22 May
 The Sandbox
  - - -
 Taylor Powell
So this is going to be a Friday night to Saturday morning event. My hope is that we get enough people there early enough to have some evening games before it gets dark. We can also play some night games too. This will also be a gear shakedown so make sure that you bring everything that you'll be taking to the Revolt. Chris and I will be checking everybody's packs to make sure that everybody has everything they need. If you don't have it right then then that's understandable. A week or two before we'll figure out dinner and such. 6 MAY EDIT: So Heber has been claimed by some people who are going to be graduating soon so the location has been changed to the Sandbox. The RR4 people have said that as long as we help with some stuff Friday night and Saturday morning then we can camp out there.

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