Prayer and Meditation for the Night of Ascension

 16 May
 Zawiya Perspective
 1800 East Garry Ave Suite 101 - 92705 - Santa Ana - United States
 Emil Ihsan-Alexander Torabi
Please join us this Saturday evening to observe Laylatul Isra wal-Mi'raj, the Holy Night of Ascension, in which the Prophet Muhammad (saws) ascended to the Divine Presence of God with the Archangel Gabriel upon the heavenly steed known as Buraq. This powerful event not only demonstrates the divine potential of the human heart, but provides a powerful and blessed opportunity to connect with the Divine Presence of Allah Almighty through the light and way of the Prophet (saws), which is based in the transcendence of the lower self and ego-consciousness. Joining us will be Habib Ahmad al-Jifri, who is visiting from the holy city of Mecca, and brings with himself its light and blessings. Habibi Ahmad comes directly from the family of the Prophet (saws) himself and from a long line of illuminated saints, guides and teachers, who have over the millennia shared the peaceful way and teachings of Islam throughout the world, bringing hundreds of millions to the path of light and goodness. This will be a powerful night of prayer, meditation, association and spiritual practice. You want to be there! Tentative program schedule is as follows: 7:30pm — Arrivals 8:00pm — Maghrib Prayer 8:30pm — Mawlid led by Abdullah Haroon 9:00pm — Association on the Ascension led by Habib Ahmad al-Jifri 9:30pm — Dhikr Khatm al-Khawajagan led by Emil Ihsan-Alexander Torabi Afterwards, we will be sharing a Potluck Dinner (feel free to bring a dish). We sincerely look forward to having your light and energy with us on this blessed and holy night. No experience with Islam or Sufism is necessary, all are welcome!

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