06 June
 Marshall White Center
 222 28th St - 84401 - Ogden - United States
 Stephanie Gutierrez
Pastor Chris Gutierrez from Clubb Jesus is bringing this tour to our beautiful city of Ogden June 6th!! It's time to get our community together and start loving and helping one another instead of hurting and killing each other! This event will include a car show, face painting, free food, haircuts, music, and most important, ministry!!! There are Over 50 million people living in poverty and in empoverished communities in this country. there are also more than 2 MILLION active gang members in the US. and another almost 2 MILLION incarcerated. Sadly, Over 50% 0f these gang members are TEENAGERS! Needless to say, the activities of these organizations destroy families, ruin futures and tear away at the fabric of our communities every single day. The truth however is this: these criminal organizations are made up of people who are lost, confused, hurting and often times themselves victims of childhood trama that has gone unchecked and unaddressed. We have all heard the saying that, "HURT PEOPLE - HURT PEOPLE". Sevin Hogmob is a former Gang member and active participant in destroying lives and degrating communities, God has put it on his heart to go city to city and spread the love of God as well as address the issues that produce a lot of these issues. We will feed EVERYONE for FREE as well as put on FREE christian concerts. Our ultimate goal is to clearly deliver the GOOD NEWS of Jesus Christ. We will also be working with local nonprofits in order to bring resources and meet the practical needs of the community we engage with. Our plan is to give away 10,000 cd's and bible study curriculums, as well as bibles and other faith-based materials all over the country. I am VERY aware of the impact music has on delivering a message to this generation and my goal in to strategically inject the Christ culture into urban environments one city at a time. These tools will also be helpful to equip the local believers in their walk with Christ as well as their personal ministry efforts.

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