Prajnaparamita in Denmark

 27 May
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 Solveig Egebjerg
Prajnaparamita is an awakened spiritual teacher, inspiring people to realise their inherent true nature. She is visiting Denmark for the first time 27th of May to 5th of June 2015. There will be Satsangs in Copenhagen and Bornholm and a Weekend Intensive on Bornholm. All info: ABOUT: Originally from Holland, Prajnaparamita spends her time traveling around the world giving satsangs and retreats to those who have a longing for a deeper and more truthful relationship with life. She currently lives in central France in a 17th century chateaux that was converted into an ashram and retreat center. Prajnaparamita comes from an Advaita Vedanta (Non Dual) background, her first teacher was Alexander Smit a Dutch student of Nisargadatta Maharaj (Mumbai), She later became a student of Papaji (Lucknow) and finally an awakened American woman, ShantiMayi (Rishikesh) WHAT IS SATSANG Satsang originates from Sanscrit ( सत्सङ्ग sat = true, sanga = company ) or as its’s commonly translated to English, “Meeting in truth”. It is a meeting and communion of like minded people. Typically a teacher would sit together with their students, answer questions and share personal experiences and use these as a jumping off point to discuss spiritual issues and break apart false concepts and ideas and help realisation of the highest truth. Satsang with an awakened teacher is much more than an intellectual discussion, it has to be experienced to be fully appreciated. MEETING IN TRUTH Prajnaparamita’s teachings are no teachings really. In the togetherness of the Satsang, in her response to questions being asked about all aspects of life, there is a spontaneous expression of universal truth, as an ongoing encouragement to come to rest in the clear light of awareness. All are welcome to experience these provocative, direct and deeply moving gatherings. Questions can be asked or one can just be present in silence. The real meeting is beyond all words, the real meeting is in the silence of the heart, where all differences merge in One.

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