17 May
 In your living room
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 Debs Bardo
THE WHOLE IDEA OF THIS COMPETITION IS TO RAISE MUCH NEEDED TRAVELLING FUNDS FOR DUKE AND LADY. BUT AS WELL AS HELPING THESE WONDERFUL DOGS TO THEIR NEW HOME, WE CAN HAVE A LITTLE FUN WITH THIS SONG AND ARTIST COMPETITION. DO EVERYONE REMEMBER NAME THAT TUNE, WELL THIS IS SIMILAR..... THE IDEA IS, THERE WILL BE A MIXTURE OF MULTI CHOICE ANSWERS, OR A PART OF A LYRIC FROM A SONG, NAME THE SINGER/BAND OF A PARTICULAR SONG AND A QUICK FIRE PHOTO QUESTION....ITS ALL GOING TO BE FUN AND THERE WILL BE SOME NICE PRIZES. IT IS NOT MEANT TO BE TOTALLY SERIOUS, THE ONLY SERIOUS PART IS RASING FUNDS FOR OUR TWO GORGEOUS WOOFERS :D ALL YOU DO IS PAY A LITTLE FEE TO ENTER: 3 EURO'S AND NAME THAT SONG.....AND YOU COULD WIN A NICE PRIZE AND HELP OUR DOGS, LADY AND DUKE......HOW EASY IS THAT We have some fantastic offers of foster in the UK for some of our dogs and the main barrier we face is the transport costs. It costs between £297 and £324 to transport a dog from the Balkans to the UK. Unfortunately, we have found that if we ask for direct donations in the group towards transport costs then it draws vital funds from our essential monthly fundraisers which pay for the kennel fees and food for the dogs remaining in our care. http://www.youcaring.com/nonprofits/help-lady-and-duke-saved-from-hell-travel-to-the-uk/347491

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