Postgraduate Course on Integrated Hand Therapy

 31 May
 Our Lady of Lourdes Hospital
 46 P. Sanchez St. - 1016 - Manila - Philippines
 Rehab Trends
CLICK THE LINK FOR MORE INFO: COURSE BACKGROUND Demand for upper extremity activities had significantly increased in the advent of the information age and technological advances. It resulted to an increasing prevalence of upper extremity dysfunctions. Currently there is an increased need for a specialized therapy and comprehensive approach to address these upper extremity disorders. As defined by the Australian Hand Therapy Association, Inc. (AHTA), Hand Therapy is the art and science of rehabilitation of the upper limb - shoulder to hand. It involves evaluation and testing to assess the injured limb from which a specific treatment program can be designed. A variety of specialized treatment techniques are used to achieve these goals. A certified hand therapist is a registered Occupational Therapists and Physical Therapist who, through further education, clinical experience and independent study have become proficient in the treatment of upper limb conditions resulting from injury, disease or deformity. This course will pave the way to the establishment of Philippine Association of Hand Therapists (PAHT) which in turn will produce fellows in Hand Therapy. GENERAL COURSE OBJECTIVE The general objective of this course is to present the modern hand therapy approaches to upper extremity rehabilitation using the valid, reliable, evidence-based and technological advance assessment tools and interventions. SPECIFIC COURSE OBJECTIVES At the end of this course, the participants will be able: • To determine the prevalence of upper extremity injuries in the Philippines. • To understand and appreciate the importance of establishing Hand therapy in the Philippines. • To have an understanding of the cause of the common upper extremity dysfunction • To learn the process of diagnosing common upper extremity dysfunctions • To understand the prognosis of the different upper extremity dysfunctions • To discuss knowledge on the surgical and non-surgical interventions done by physicians • To apply the standard protocol for rehabilitation of the different upper extremity cases after surgery • To discuss the basic pathomechanics of TOS • To correlate the association of TOS to the different upper extremity pain disorders • To integrate basic fascial manipulation in the management of upper extremity pain disorders. • To recognize significance of integrative functional training using the Rejoyce upper extremity workstation. RESOURCE SPEAKERS: Dr. Ephraim Gambito, MD, FPARM, PTRP Dr. John Hubert C. Pua, MD, FPOA, PTRP Assistant Professor Valentin C. Dones III, PhD, MSPT, PTRP, DMS Mr. Roi Charles Pineda, MSc, OTRP Mr. Mark Angel B. Serra, PTRP Mr. Jose Rafael D. Ramos, OTRP TIME TOPIC 8:00-8:30AM REGISTRATION 8:30-9:00AM Opening Ceremony 9:00-9:20AM Prevalence of Upper Extremity Injuries in the Philippines 9:20-10:10AM Introduction to Clinical Practice Guidelines in Shoulder Rehabilitation 10:10-10:45AM Latest Effective Protocols for Tendon Repair Interventions 10:45-11:15AM Interventions for Common Upper Extremety Pain Disorders 11:15-12:00PM The Influence of TOS in upper extremity pain disorders and the advance approach to intervention 12:00-1:00PM LUNCH 1:00-1:45PM Current Evidence based Assessment Tools for the Upper Extremity 1:45-3:00PM Fascial Manipulation Approach for UE pain disorders (As supported by the evidences published by the speaker) 3:00-4:00PM Advanced UE functional training using Rejoyce UL workstation 4:00-5:30PM Introduction to Hand Therapy Practice, Open Forum, and Focus Group Discussion POSTGRADUATE COURSE FEE: A. Early Bird Registration (Until May 14, 2015 ONLY) -Professional (RehabTrends Member) Php 950 ONLY -Professional (Non-member) Php 1,100 ONLY -Students Php 850 ONLY B.Late Registration (Until May 27, 2015 ONLY) -Professional (RehabTrends Member) Php 1,250 -Professional (Non-member) Php 1,400 -Students Php 1,150 ***Limited to 100 SLOTS ONLY ***No ONSITE REGISTRATION ***Avail the FREE REHABTRENDS membership by clicking this link: TERMS & CONDITIONS OF PAYMENT: 1. Please deposit the correct fee on the account details provided below. 2. Please check the deadline of payment and follow the existing rate. (May 14- Early Registration, May 27-Late Registration) 3. Please be reminded that in consideration to those who wasn’t able to join the course due to limited slots, payments made are non-refundable. 4. Deposit Slip should be presented with valid I.D for verification and validation to the registration committee on the day of the seminar, failure to present such requirements will cause forfeiture of the payment. 5. Failure to attend on the day of the workshop will cause forfeiture of the payment. PAYMENT PROCEDURE: Deposit correct fee to our BDO ACCOUNT ACCOUNT NUMBER: 001570414163 ACCOUNT NAME: RehabTrends, Inc. REGISTRATION PROCEDURE **To VERIFY your transaction with the Bank thus to CONFIRM your SLOT in the workshop, once payment has been made, please fill-up our ONLINE REGISTRATION FORM by clicking the REGISTRATION BUTTON found @: h A CONFIRMATION EMAIL WILL BE SENT TO YOUR EMAIL ONCE WE RECEIVED YOUR REGISTRATION DETAILS. FOR INQUIRIES **Please contact us through‐ REHABTRENDS, INC. MOBILE NUMBER : +639178684353 EMAIL ADDRESS : FACEBOOK ACCOUNT: Rehab Trends FACEBOOK LIKE‐PAGE : RehabTrends, Inc. WEBSITE:

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