Post Season Success Remote Workshop

 23 May
 Anywhere You Live!
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 Brenda Rahe
Post-Season Success THIS WORKSHOP IS OPEN TO ALL COMPETITORS IN ALL DIVISIONS ALL LEVELS FROM BEGINNER TO ADVANCED! Date: Saturday, May 23, 2015 Time: 1pm 3 pm Location: Dial In From Anywhere You Live THIS IS A REMOTE WORKSHOP! Registration Deadline: Wednesday, May 20, 2015 Registration Fee: $50 Questions/To Register: Contact Brenda Rahe directly at or at 920-453-9604. About Post-Season Success: Congratulations on your season! Now what? Taking the latest plan from your favorite fitness magazine and/or website may work for a short period of time, but if it's not designed with your specific health history, body type, lifestyle and personal goals in mind eventually it will stop working, and worse - your progress may start to go in the wrong direction. If you are not sure how to maximize your post-season time by designing the proper meal intake as well as strength and/or cardiovascular training plan, this workshop will take the mystery out of this seemingly complex process and make it smooth and simple for you. We will cover: The "how to" when it comes to building your post-season meals (also known as the infamous "reverse dieting"), how to cycle your training and/or cardio post-season to maximize gains and sculpt your best body for the stage, and SO MUCH MORE! With over 18 years as a certified fitness professional along with 15 years and 28 shows to date under her belt, Brenda Rahe will share everything you need to master your post-season and make your next season your best to date. Copyright 2002-2015 Brenda Rahe All Rights Reserved World Wide.

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