Portland Orgasmic Revolution - Breaking the Rules of Engagment

 15 May
 12655 sw 128 ave Tigard OR
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 Lauren Polly
Are you ready for a weekend that will change the way you interact with yourself, your body, other’s and the world around you? What if you were willing to engage fully in and with your own life? Join us for 3 classes to change your perspectives and create more possibilities! All classes can be taken separately and Friday night's class is FREE if you are taking the Saturday OR Sunday workshop. How does it get any better than that? To register and/or prepay: email - lauren@laurenpolly.com Host: Cathleen Conner cathleen@accessconsciousness.com More info at http://www.laurenpolly.com/ FRIDAY NIGHT– Introduction to Breaking the Rules of Engagement. 7-9PM, $50 Does the current way you interact and engage with the world suit you? Or do you feel like you have to hide parts of yourself in order to be accepted, liked, safe or ok? Are you stepping into the brilliant gift you be or are you holding back your full expression? What would be possible if you had more freedom to be present with and inclusive of yourself and engage with the world from there? SATURDAY - Orgasmic Revolution – Embracing the Joy of Embodiment in Sex and Beyond. 10AM-6PM, $300 Have you ever had an orgasm that climaxed in explosive laughter? An orgasm where there was so much joy in you and your body that it couldn’t be contained? Where there were no walls, no judgments, no thoughts and no exclusion? Where you were so present that you could listen to your body, delight in every sensation and soak in the bliss of what you were experiencing? What if that was a possibility not just in the bedroom but beyond it as well? Orgasm is the creative spark of life. It is the catalyst for healing, nurturing and the joy of embodiment. It is readily available in every aspect of our lives, just waiting to be tapped into. What if you were able to experience more intense orgasms in sex AND allow that energy to permeate your life? What creative capacities with your body, the earth and others would be available then? Join Access Certified Facilitator and Yoga Teacher Lauren Polly for an exploration of a totally different perspective of orgasm, sex, embodiment and communion. One based on pleasure, joy, exploration, fun and possibilities. SUNDAY - Breaking the Rules of Engagement with How You Communicate. 10AM-6PM, $300 What if there was a more expansive way to engage and interact with yourself, others and the world? Be authentic in your interactions with people by stepping out of defined roles, formulas, false images and fantasies. See the world with clarity by getting out of the filter of your mind and limited viewpoints. Get what you desire in your relationships by being present with your awareness and utilizing it to your advantage. Create more possibilities for everyone by including and engaging with all of you while inviting others to do the same. Allow the energy to be foremost in your communications and see how everything falls into place. Break out of: *Interacting through defined roles and formulations *Filtering information through your mind and limited viewpoints *Communication breakdowns *Lack of clarity of who you are and what you are expressing *Rote, stale and lack luster interactions *Engaging with fantasies and false images *Creating limitations and upsets in relationships *Excluding parts of yourself and others *Blocking or guarding against energetic communication *Avoiding engaging with the world, others and yourself Lauren Polly is a transformational Life Coach, International Speaker, Radio show host, Certified Access Consciousness® Facilitator, Yoga Teacher and Certified Speech-Language Pathologist. She has been working with people and their bodies to create more possibilities, inclusion, engagement and communication for over 10 years. TO REGISTER AND/OR PREPAY VIA PAYPAL, email lauren@laurenpolly.com For more information: http://www.laurenpolly.com/

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