Porsche Zeelandrit 2015

 30 May
 Porsche Centrum Rotterdam
 Landaulettestraat 9 - 3063 NR - Rotterdam - Netherlands
 Cabrio Fans
Saturday May 30th at 10.00 AM will a few Porsche’s gather for the first Zeeland Event ever. It’s ready to discover Zeeland’s most beautiful roads and fine restaurants. We’re very welcome at Porsche Centrum Rotterdam with a cup of coffee or tea. Carevents will welcome all the drivers and everyone gets the route on paper. At 11.00 o’clock the engines will be started and you’ll get a lunch package to go. After 2 hours driving we will arrive at Neeltje Jans. After a cup of coffee and a Zeeuwse Bolus (typical Zeeland) we will be guided to the Stormvloedkering. With a special boat trip and a tour through this amazing structure. Then we take off to Moermond estate. At 16.00 o’clock we will park near the castle and have a fabulous three course diner at the Hall of Knights inside the castle. One day you won’t forget quite easy!

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