☮ Polly Higgins in Malta | Earths Rock Star | Daring to be Great ☮

 27 May
 1 week in MALTA
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 Simon Paul Sutton
Do you know Polly Higgins? I have invited Polly to Malta to share with you her mission to Eradicate Ecocide and her inspiration to encourage a nation to "Dare to BE GREAT" We shall be hosting a number of evening talks and leading up to a workshop on Sat 30th May Dare to be Great - Come and meet Polly and myself as we Dare to be Great while spreading love across Malta. DATES & LOCATIONS :) ☮ Green Drinks: Wednesday 27th May at 7.30pm at Bottegin, Palazzo Xara, St Paul Street Rabat. ☮ The Grassy Hopper (Gzira) : Thursday 28th May: 7:30pm ☮ Gaia Foundation: Saturday 30th May: Workshop: 10am - 3pm ☮ Why Not? Vortex: Sunday 31st May: 11am ☮ Monday 1st June: Meeting Her Excellency and in the evening Radio with Alfred Difesa. A super Earth Rock Star on the magical Rock we all love. ---------------------- Polly Higgins, lawyer for the Earth, is daring to be great. Known for her work advocating for an international law of Ecocide to create a legal duty of care for the Earth, she is changing the story of our times. Her latest book, I Dare You To Be Great, seeks a new story of our times; one where we shift from deep harm to harmony. ☮ Website: http://pollyhiggins.com/ ☮ Eradicating Ecocide: http://eradicatingecocide.com - I am someone who cares deeply about the Earth. I’m also a lawyer who loves the Earth. It’s not often lawyers talk about love – and it can feel strange to do so. However, I believe love and law can be brought together and when the two meet, the potential to create new laws that put people and planet first is born.

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