Politically Powerful Liquor Seller "GOON" of india Vs Oppressed Kashmiris.

 30 November
 shivpora,srinagar kashmir
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 Saamiullah Chraloo
Politically Powerful Liquor Seller
A series of "Mouth Sealed" protests outside infamous liquor shop at Shivpor Srinagar Kashmir on last day of every month of 2015 from 1:00 pm to 5:00 pm. ------ At Shivpor Srinagar Kashmir, an indian politically very very powerful "Goon" & financially very very strong mobster on the dint of 7.5 lakh 'brute' occupation forces of india in Kashmir is selling Liquor to devastate the human lives of Kashmir. ------ Our "Mouth Sealed" protest is just a reaction to this cultural aggression of this 'hooligan' of india.

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