17 May
 Olive Tree Studio Dublin
 15 Grantham Street - - Dublin - Ireland
 Christine Danielle Vierling
Discover how Polarity Therapy is a highly effective way of activating and balancing the natural flow of LIFE-FORCE energy in the body....and bring on more HARMONY in your every-day existence. Polarity Therapy was developed by Dr. Randolph Stone, a Western doctor and osteopath of the early 1900s, who then travelled to Asia and India with his practice and integrated Asian energy meridian work, Aruyvedic techniques, with his knowledge of cranial-sacral, kinesology, and other energetic methods of healing. Co-facilitation by fully certified and insured Polarity Therapists: Julian Aragoneses who brings strong hands-on skills addressing individual needs in body, mind, emotion, and spirit. www.polaritytherapy.ie & Christine Danielle Vierling will bring the practice of Polarity therapy to life with DIY healing & movement practices via her SynergyDance facilitation. (www.cdvierling.com) 25Eur for 2 hour workshop and concessions available upon request.

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