Poetry + Prose Open Mic

 15 May
 Union 32 Coffee, 3230 E Union Hills, Phoenix
  - - -
 Ed Tankersley
Due to a "hilarious" scheduling mix-up, I've rescheduled Shelly Taylor for a later date, TBD. The May New Deal will now be ALL OPEN MIC poetry and prose! Recent New Deal featured poet Bill Campana will be featuring at a Four Chambers event on the same night, so if you've never seen Bill, definitely go to that event. Otherwise, come hang out at Union 32, bring your poems and prose of May flowers or Mayflowers or maybes or May Day or maydays or "m'aider!", and let's have an intimate caffeine-soaked literary gathering among friends. NOTE: This is on Friday, not our usual day, for this month only.

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