Plein-air course in Florence, Italy

 01 June
 Firenze - Italia
  - 50123 - Florence - Italy
 Kostya Molugov
Сityscape in oil painting. What this course is about: - studying the rules of composition - studying the plein-air color palette - studying the rules of perspective - studying coloristics. Plein-air studies always have been considered one of the main painting exercises for those who want to learn how to paint in realistic manner and how to paint from real life. This course helps both beginners and mature artists “to clean” their color palette from “dirty colors”. In other words, to stop using dirty color mixtures in painting and to start using cleaner colors. Only practising “en plein-air” you will be able to reevaluate the colors, to refresh your color vision and to start distinguishing and using cleaner colors in painting. Tuition fee: 800 €

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