Please VOTE Jeremy T. Davis Candidate for nomination of the Federal NDP Bay Of Quinte Riding

 08 June
 Loyalist College (Alumni Hall)
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 Jeremy Davis
Don't miss your opportunity to join me, as I seek the local Federal nomination for the New Democrat Party in the Bay of Quinte Riding. We have never had a greater time, then today to make a positive difference in the lives of others in this riding. We will be electing a new member to represent us in Ottawa and right here @ home in the Bay of Quinte Riding. Together with your support I can win the nomination and be YOUR VOICE ON THE ISSUES THAT MATTER TO ALL OF US.... AS A CANDIDATE IN THIS FALL'S FEDERAL ELECTION. DON'T DELAY JOIN TODAY SO YOU WILL BE ABLE TO CAST YOUR VOTE FOR DAVIS AT OUR NOMINATION MEETING AND I WILL BE ABLE TO LEAD US INTO THE FUTURE IN OUR RIDING. FOR MORE INFORMATION OR TO SIGN UP CALL 613-847-4133 OR E-mail You can also find more about the NDP at or join online @ The deadline to register to vote is fast approaching... new members must be signed up ONLINE NO LATER THAN SAT. MAY 9TH BEFORE 11:59PM so please contact us now.... So I can be the voice FOR YOU in the Bay OF Quinte Riding. Thank you for your support. Jeremy T. Davis

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