07 June
 Coniston, United Kingdom
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 Charlie Crew
If you've received this invitation then it's likely that you in some way have been affected by the 'healthstorm' that has engulfed our amazing best friend Jess Edwards. If you have not already, please take a second to read the incredibly honest encounter of how one morning Jess was unable to bound out of bed like only she can. So some of Jess' (slightly more insane) friends have decided to take on the challenge of the country's hardest half marathon in The Lake District on 7th June (whose idea was that?!?!?) I know the only thing dragging any of us out of bed to 'train' on a cold rainy morning is knowing that we are helping to solve the mystery of PoTS which bed bound our friend and will continue to do so to others until resolved. If you have been affected by Jess' story or can imagine for a second what it might be like to have your life change forever, aged only 24, then PLEASE donate below. One final ask is that you circulate this as far and wide as possible, let's aim high and see how much we can raise! Charlie and some slightly insane and mildly terrified friends xx (Also I have designed a good old fashioned paper sponsorship form so for those of you that have friends and family terrified of the internet as I do please message or write on here for a copy)

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