Please, help 2 mums with 11 pups to be saved from the streets, thank you so much!

 31 May
 Bucharest, Romania
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 Achileas Patroklos
Update: Because Harry and Leo are very ill, we desperately need donations for our auction. Please have a look at home and see what you don't need and upload your photos into the auction album, thank you so much! The auction is continuous at the moment so once someone bids on an item, the auction for that item will end 7 days later. Any questions, please direct to Summer Rose, Jo Jones or Deborah Newson xoxo We are trying to find a safe place for 2 mums with 11 pups who are living on the street, in cold and danger :( One mum has 3 pups, about 3 months old, and the other one just gave birth, 3 weeks ago, to 8-9 pups, we don't know yet for sure their number. It is a very hard way for them and us to keep them safe and healthy, they need urgently vaccination, a warm and safe place and good food. Please, help us to help them, they can die on the streets, hit by car or taken by dogcatchers, please, any small help is urgent and very important, thank you so much, for donations, please, use paypal account mentioning "for the 2 families", thank you so much for your kindness and your care, please, share our event, they need all our help, bless you!

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