Plas Newydd - North Wales ghost hunt 16th May 2015 £49pp - SOLD OUT!

 16 May
 Plas Newydd Llangollen
  - LL20 8 - Llangollen - United Kingdom
 Chris C Chell
Join the Haunted Houses team and become a ghost hunter for an overnight investigation at the hauntingly beautiful and Gothic, Plas Newydd in Llangollen, North Wales. Book now at Once home to the Ladies of Llangollen, Anglo-Irish lovers who caused much scandal back in their day by dressing as men and running off together from Ireland to settle down in Llangollen in 1780. Lady Eleanor Butler and Miss Sarah Ponsoby devoted their time for nearly 50 years to seclusion and improving their estate. They did not actively socialise and were uninterested in fashion. Llangollen people simply referred to them as "the ladies". After a couple of years, their life attracted the interest of the outside world. Their house became a haven for visitors, mostly writers such as Robert Southey, William Wordsworth, Percy Shelley, Lord Byron and Sir Walter Scott but also the military leader the Duke of Wellington and the industrialist Josiah Wedgwood. On 2nd June 1829 Lady Butler died at age 90, closely followed two years later by Miss Ponsoby – and both their spirits have since been seen roaming the grounds and haunting their treasured home. Many reports of strange smells, noises, Ill feelings and ghostly apparitions have been reported at Plas Newydd. Who is the angry military man who causes ill feeling in a bedroom? Who is the spirit of the child who hides in fear? You as a Haunted Houses guest shall investigate these reports and discover this houses secrets. If you dare! We will provide full use of our ghost hunting equipment and you will only conduct the experiments that you wish to partake in. Our experienced team will be there at all times to help you when you need it. You will have a guided tour of the location with our mediums first and get the chance to have some free time to investigate yourself, with lone vigils for the super brave!! The price to attend is just £49 per person. The MOST HAUNTED team visited here on an investigation at this wonderful location. and indroduced this location to the ghost hunting world. Our equipment and experiments: * K2 meters * EVP recorders * Spirit boxes * Night vision camcorders * Digital thermometers * Ouija boards * Glass divination * Crystal pendulums * Table tipping * Dowsing rods * Automatic writing (Plancette) * Call outs * Victorian seances (If you are new to ghost hunting, we shall gladly introduce you to the kit and explain how it all works, all levels of experience shall be taken care of) A buffet will be provided and included in the price. £49 pp Saturday 16th May 2015 8pm - 2am With Haunted Houses BOOK HERE AT

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